Our mission is to provide postsecondary education that respond to a wide range of student needs including complete security guard training, fire watch guard training, CPR, First Aid, OSHA training for career changers.

We focus on offering professional security guard training and licensing. Our mission is to develop, train, license and certify our students with the knowledge, support and credentials that will make them successful in the security industry. The United Security Training Center will give the proper resources that will ensure students success.

United Security Training Center exists to help Security Guards develop healthy lives and families while pursuing excellence in their career. Currently our site provides Americans with well researched career information specifically pertaining to the field of security work.

With the state of economy in the applicants, we realize many are searching for new job openings that can be obtained with limited training as they seek to make ends meet. While being a security guard is such a field, we have not found a site on the web that compiled job status, training requirements and pay scales on a state by state basis.

The information on this site was researched and assembled in co-operation with various state and national governmental agencies. While we have no direct affiliation with any state or national government, we sought to compile their rules, statistics and research into a well thought out guide that would be helpful to people searching for jobs.

As we grow, we are looking to expand beyond training information and into topics related to healthy families, nutrition, exercise, and finances etc. – all things to help security guards thrive. If you have any questions, please contact us through our contact form We like to hear from you.