We believe security is everyone’s business, United Security Training Center Inc. provides safety awareness seminars for clients and their employees this engages clients and employees in the security process giving everyone a vested interest in a safe work environment.

Why United Security Training Center should beyour

first Choice?

United Security Training Center is a hub for all of your security guard training needs. Whether you are currently starting your career in protection services, or want to advance your existing career, we want to make your life easier.

There is now an extremely high demand for security guards in the U.S. In fact, the demand has never been higher, especially after the 9/11 attacks. Also, did you know that there are in excess of one million contract security officers, and an equal number of guards estimated to work directly for U.S. corporations? This dwarfs the nearly 700,000 sworn law enforcement officers in the United States, and the numbers for security guards are still climbing. Protection service is a thriving industry, and we’re here to help you get in. We realize that many of you who are interested in becoming a security officer do not know what is required, or what the exact steps you must take in order to obtain your license.

Additionally, many of you who are already security officers may want to receive additional training to further your career, but don’t understand what your options are, and where you can get additional training from. This is why United Security Training Center was created to guide you in this industry.

What’s Unique about Security Guard Training Center?

There are a lot of resources available online about how to become a security guard; however all of the websites we’ve come across are not very user-friendly.  Sometimes, you don’t even know where to begin and those other sites can leave you even more confused than where you arrived.

Our goal is to make things as streamlined and as easy as possible for you to follow. We want to walk you through the entire process so you can focus on your security guard training, and less on what you need to do next.  Learn exactly what security guard employers want to

 hear from you!